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The Incredible Financial Cost of Disposable Razors Over Time

dollar-941246_640You may not notice it but shaving could be very costly. You just don’t feel it because each disposable razor you buy seems really cheap. Some of them are worth at least $3. If you can bring home an item this cheap, you won’t mind buying it. The only problem with disposable razors is that they don’t last long, hence the name. After some time, you have no other choice but to throw it away.

The number of times that it can be used varies according to the user. There are those who would say that they can use the razor at least 30 times. Once it hits that number, the blade starts to become dull and it can no longer shave well. Hence, it has to be disposed. There are men who shave on a daily basis. This means that they might have to buy more than one disposable razor a month. As a result, the amount could really blow up. According to some surveys, men usually spend around $130 for razors each year. You have to multiply that with the number of years that you have been shaving. It could really be a lot. Your simple $3 razor could be costly over time.

The best alternative

This is why it is in your best interest to invest in the best electric shavers. The good thing about using these shavers is that you can use them for a really long time. They are of high quality and they are designed to last for a long time. Since they require electricity to work, you can keep using them as long as you have access to electricity. These types of razors are also low maintenance. You might also say that the electric bill could blow especially with constant use. This is not true. It consumes very little amount of energy. The increase in electric bill could be the least of your concerns.

This is why going for average electric razors is the more practical choice. You just have to give them a try and you might be comfortable using them.

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