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Deforestation Continues in Malaysia Because of Greed and Profit

images-of-recent-deforestation-in-malaysia-show-nothing-has-changedFrom 1990 to 2010, Malaysia has lost a huge percentage of its forest. It covers 8.6% or around 1,920,000 hectares. Until now, this number continues to increase and it has affected wildlife. Malaysia is a home to unique species of fauna and flora. Through the years, we have lost a lot of them and the effects are irreversible.

The sad reality is that this would not have happened if not for the greed of human beings. Illegal logging has become rampant in various parts of the country. It could have been easily stopped if government officials were active in pursuing illegal loggers. Sadly, there were reports saying that the officials themselves were involved in protecting these illegal loggers. They are a part of the scheme that prevents these loggers from being jailed.

Malaysia’s resources

One of the reasons why Malaysia is ahead of its neighboring countries when it comes to its economic progress is that it has rich natural resources. It constitutes a significant portion of the country’s economy. Over the years, these resources were harnessed and abused, up until it was too late when they have realized the consequences. The worst part is that after realizing what has happened, the abuse continues. The logging industry is a billion dollar industry.

This is why it is too difficult to stop it now. The palm oil industry alone comprises 85% of the world’s supply. With the combination of illegal loggers and government officials protecting them, efforts to conserve the forests might just end up

Hoping for the best

More than half of Malaysia’s tropical forest is used for production (according to the government’s statistics). Also, the remaining areas are left for protection and conservation. Hopefully, this trend continues up until the problem is solved. You can check these top 10 chainsaws and join in the logging industry, or choose to help in conservation and help in making better Malaysia’s future. This is not the time to delay the efforts. Otherwise, it would be too late. Malaysia highly depends on its natural resources. If greed and corruption doesn’t stop now, it would be an unmitigated disaster in the future.