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Concept of Collaborative Consumption

collaborative-workflowThe word itself refers to share the economy where common man divides the resources they own to make a profit. The best epitomes are the ride-sharing apps emerged recently like the Uber where the tap on your phone gets instant access to hail the ride on a nearby station. Jobs in the sharing economy are not like the white collar type, but are informal and lack a framework of closed cabins and stringent working hours. They are based on the match with the buyers or sellers unlike that of the traditional client and the boss. There are cons for these services, viz they do not guarantee a regular income. If demand ebbs, you will be paid for the service.

collaborative-consumption-300x200These start apps have shaken away the web from even the dusty industries. They have channelized their services, and since the focus is on 21st-century customers, they could establish the feel of cheap and affordable services among the clients. The growing acceptance of the sex-positive home sharing community KinkBnB provides the charming atmosphere with comfy rooms with lavish trimmings. The site promises all sorts of holidays, from conference to honeymoons.

The Dogvacay enables to find the perfect pet-sitters around the United States for now. There are options for you to select your pet-lover according to the ratings given by the owners. Ensure the safety of your pet while on a business trip or a conference through this service. The spinlister provides a ride for rent even for an hour to reach your desired beauty spot whether it’s on a road or on snow. Spinlister enables bike lovers connected with trusted owners in a network. The Campinmygarden help campers to find super cheap garden pitches on private lawns in your loved destinations.

The question is whether this can survive for a longer period of time. Choosing the budget-friendly is not a mature concept when overlooked closely.